April 30

“No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.” (Psalms.84:11)

                What are your heart’s desires? If you delight yourself in the LORD & His service, He’s promised to give you the desire of your heart! (Psa.37:4)

                The Lord apparently feels that nothing is too good for His obedient children. If we please Him, we not only get what we need, but usually we even get whatever we want, even above our needs, “exceedingly above & beyond all that we could ask or think!” (Eph.3:20)

                He’s willing to do almost anything for us & give us anything that’s GOOD for us. But the Lord doesn’t always necessarily let us have everything, because it’s NOT always good for us! He tried that on the children of Israel! He let them have the desires of their hearts, a few times when it wasn’t good for them, & He sent LEANNESS to their SOULS! (Psa.106:15)

Lord, if we’ll just pass the test & put YOU first, delight ourselves in YOU & Yours most of all, THEN You can trust us with other things, everything we need & even things we want, because they will not come between You & us! If it’s GOOD for us, You let us have it, Lord, & if it’s not good for us, please keep it from us! In Jesus’ name.–Amen!













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