Recognizing the voice of the Enemy sounds like a subject that the Lord has covered for our benefit many times, and you probably feel like you’ve heard this lesson before. But I believe you’ll find this next message interesting and enlightening.



The Lord continues to reveal more to us about how to recognize our adversary and defeat him. Then it’s up to us to obey, make the sacrifices necessary, and stick with the plan until we see victory. As we all know, that’s easier said than done when we’re under severe attack. That’s why it helps to continually remind ourselves of the truth, and the reality of the spiritual principles that are in play.


If you can recognize his whispers and immediately go on the attack against them with words of praise and fighting in prayer, you have a much better chance of making it through the battle unscathed and without suffering any wounds.

如果在它微小的声音开始时,就立刻识别并用赞美和祷告反击, 就能毫发无伤地赢得胜利。这是一个制胜的宝贵战术。


(Jesus speaking:) When someone is fully yielded and walking in humility, it’s much easier to roll with the punches of the Enemy and get up more quickly

(耶稣说:) 彻底的委身和谦卑,能帮助制胜。如果听信敌人的谎言并沉溺其中,再出来就很难。

Even if they seem plausible, understandable, and credible, even if they have a lot of “right” to them, it’s crucial that you immediately reject the Enemy’s voice, for in listening you give him power, and the more you listen, the more power he has.


You can learn to recognize the Enemy’s voice and point of view‚ whether his attacks are direct or more subtle. Some of the telltale signs of his whispers are:

*       They make you feel hopeless, negative, critical of others, or that things are “not fair.”


*       They are contrary to the Word, even in small, subtle ways.


*       They make you forget about My many blessings, and you feel you’re not being treated right, or that I or others don’t love you.


*       They cause you to not be able to do your work or have good quality Word and prayer time.


*       You feel almost driven to tell others, in an effort to seek solace and to find others who will agree with you, which bolsters your feeling of being right and cements your position.

*       You feel your emotions turn negative–to anger, depression, sadness, hopelessness, despondency, lethargy.

*       You don’t want to hear from Me. You put it off, or feel it’s not going to do any good. You feel resentful or rebellious to what you know (or figure) I will tell you.

不想听我的话语,敷衍抵抗,觉得没有什么用处。 对于听从我的话有抵触和恨意。
*       As you entertain the Enemy’s voice, you lose the vision. Nothing seems exciting anymore; nothing seems worthwhile. Everything is blah, ordinary, or worse yet, a bummer–even things unrelated to the main point of your battle.

*       You find your thoughts going to the past, as you “build your case” to justify your present feelings.

*       You blame others for your plight.


*       You compare negatively with others, thinking they have it better. This is related to discontentment, but it’s due to pride. The Enemy works with your pride to convince you that you need or deserve more.


*       You feel resentful or upset when you’re in a situation with others who are praising Me, happy, positive, and speaking faith. You feel they don’t understand, and their victory makes you feel worse instead of better.


These are a few of the main symptoms of the Devil having your ear. When someone is in this state, it takes a definite, conscious decision to let go of it, to resist the lies, to rebuke the Enemy, and to call out to Me for deliverance from his grip.


It’s not enough to expect to gradually and nonchalantly pull out of it. When you’ve “charged the Enemy’s batteries” by allowing him to connect to you and tap into your power source through listening to his lies and doubts, then you have to work hard to break the connection, to cut it, pull it away and completely disconnect. A little tug now and then won’t do the trick. And the longer you allow him to pull from your power by listening to him, the more you are drained and the more he is empowered.

You empower the Enemy when you give him your ear, allowing him to make a connection and draw from your strength. If this goes on long enough, then pretty soon you won’t have the strength to pull away and break the connection; he will be blasting away his message in great volume while you’re almost helpless and defenseless.

. This is the danger of listening. This is the danger of not taking note of his lies and immediately rejecting and rebuking them. The Devil’s word is the exact opposite of My Word, and you cannot be believing and living both at the same time. It’s one or the other. My Word gives life and strength and victory, and the Devil’s word brings unhappiness, defeat, dissatisfaction, and destruction of your spiritual life and fruitfulness. This is how some formerly strong disciples can be weakened to the point that they’re pulled all the way out of My will and service. It’s pitiful, but not unavoidable. And it all begins with giving ear and considering the Devil’s lies, which draw you away from My Word and cause you to be weakened. It’s a very weak connection at first, when you first hear his whispers, but it can grow strong very quickly.

这就是聆听的危险性。这就是不注意魔鬼的谎言、没有立刻拒绝责难它的危险。 魔鬼的话是我的话语的反面,你不能同时两个都信,选这个,或者选那个。我的话语带来生命,力量和胜利,魔鬼的话给你的灵性生活带来痛苦,挫败,不满,毁灭。这曾经让很多强大的门徒后来衰弱到离开我,很可惜,但不是不可避免的。这都是始于听信魔鬼的话,思虑他的谎言,离开我的话语,从而软弱下去。当你第一次听他的嘀咕,还只是一个微弱的连接, 但是这个连接会很快增强。

Take heed to this warning, My loves, and let this lesson sink deeply into your mind, heart and spirit, so that the next time you hear the Enemy’s whispers of any kind, you immediately raise a standard against him by praising Me, claiming the power of the keys (Matthew 16:19), asking for prayer, going to My Word, and actively fighting! Don’t be passive or just play around with fighting and cutting the connection.


praising lightning

Pull the plug immediately, before your adversary has time to be strengthened in his attacks and to latch on to you relentlessly. He will suck the very lifeblood from you if you let him. But if you look to Me, praise Me, fight in prayer, take the offensive, and claim the power of the keys in faith‚ he has very little power over you, and you have nothing to fear. (End of message from Jesus.)




Translated by: Sunrise