God created us to have an appetite for the supernatural. It has been said, “We are not physical beings who occasionally have a temporary supernatural experience; we are supernatural beings having a temporary physical experience.” The spirit realm is all around us, and it is more real than the physical realm we live in and experience every day. Whether we believe in it or not, our lives are intricately affected by the invisible spirit realm.

Anyone can safely experience the spirit realm through the true God and His Son Jesus, who is the source of all Truth. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We hope this blog will help you find and know all three: the Way – to fulfil your true destiny, the Truth – whom to know is life eternal, and the Life – to live your new Life of Love in and with Him. God is Love. He is the Creator, our loving Father, our dear Daddy, and the great Spirit of Love that gives light and life and love to all men, and we hope you would encounter Him beyond all your expectations!

May this blog create in you a hunger to pursue the presence of God, and therefore find your true identity of who you really are in Him, realise how valuable you are and how loved you are, and find your destiny in life. And may you discover the secrets of God, and open new realms of possibilities that you never dreamed existed! We love you!

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