May 27

If you can’t be a missionary, support one!

                Jesus said that we are to “Seek first the Kingdom of God!” (Mat.6:33) What is God’s Kingdom? It’s the people who love Him & those He loves! If people are God’s Kingdom, we are supposed to witness & be soul-winners or help others to win souls!

To help His Kingdom is to help His people!–And the way He helps people is through you & me! He likes to use men as His means in order that they too might be blessed & have a share in His Work & its fruits & receive part of the rewards. That’s part of His plan.

The great multi-millionaire, R.G. Le Tourneau, started out bankrupt. He asked God what God wanted him to do, & the Lord told him He wanted him to make money for His Work! So he started off promising God 10% of his income if He’d pull him out of the hole, so God did! God made him a success & he made millions! Finally, he was giving 90% of his income to foreign missions & living on the other 10%!–All because He put God’s Kingdom first!

Are you called to raise funds for missions? Will you share forever in the eternal rewards of souls won as a result of your giving?