May 25

Honestly admit your faults & failures to yourself & to the Lord!               

                The best thing to do with faults & failures & mistakes & weak points is to see them, recognize them, be honest about them & then try to somehow overcome them if we can!

                When we make a mistake, God doesn’t just throw us out. If so, we’d have been thrown out a long time ago, because we make so many mistakes! He just tries to tell us how to correct them & encourages us to try again!

                We all have weaknesses, we all make mistakes, but the greatest way we can help ourselves is to face the facts. We must be willing to expose our own hearts & bare our souls to the Lord & ourselves, & to see ourselves as we really are! We must ask the Lord to help us to be honest about ourselves & to see ourselves as He sees us! As Shakespeare said, “If thou canst to thine own self be true, thou canst not be false to ANY man.”–If we can honestly admit our problems to ourselves, then we can fight them!

                Thank You, Lord, that we’re learning, & we can love & serve You in SPITE of our mistakes & faults & shortcomings! We know it’s only YOU! You never fail!