May 22

“Provide things honest in the sight of all men!” (Romans.12:17)

         As God’s children, we’re supposed to be advocates of the Truth. If there’s anything Christians are supposed to have, it’s the TRUTH, & if people catch you in just one little lie, they’ll never trust you about anything anymore!

    This is the punishment of a liar: He is not believed even when he speaks the truth. In almost any court of law, if the witness lies about only one thing, even if 99% of what he said is the truth, he has lied & thereby disqualified himself from being a witness, & they throw out his ENTIRE testimony. Every person you witness to is a little judge examining your every word, & if they catch you in one lie it’s going to discredit your whole testimony! If you lie about one little thing, people will assume you could be guilty of much greater things!

         What does God’s Word have to say about liars? “Be sure your sins will find you out! Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap!” (Num.32:23; Gal.6:7) Lying is just not right! God doesn’t like it & the person you’re lying to doesn’t like it! So for God’s sake speak the TRUTH!–It is a part of your good witness & your testimony of “honesty with them that are without”! (1Th.4:12)–Amen?