May 19

God will not take second place even to His service!

    You know, we get too busy sometimes. We get so busy SERVING Him we forget to LOVE Him. This is the greatest temptation of workers for the Lord, the greatest danger!–For if you neglect your fellowship with the King of kings because you’re so busy with the affairs of the Kingdom, it can be disastrous to your spiritual life & communion with the Lord!

      However sincere & faithful you are to His work, you must put HIM first!–Not the work, nor even others. JESUS must come first! He doesn’t fit second place & He won’t take it! “For I the Lord will have no other gods before Me!” (Deu.5:7,9) That is probably the greatest mistake of sincere Christians: To make a god of God’s service.

                Your service is nothing if you don’t give the King your attention, your love, your time, your communion. He desires your love & for you to love Him first of all & above all. You cannot do the Master’s work without the Master’s power & guidance!–And to get it, you must spend TIME with the Master! So help us, Lord, never to forget that the FIRST place is for YOU, & that we must drink of Thee & Thy Spirit if we’re going to have enough not only for ourselves, but also to overflow upon others!