May 15

How like a beautiful string of pearls are the Words of the Lord!               

   God’s Word is an absolutely inexhaustible source of wisdom & knowledge in which you can constantly find “treasures new & old!” (Mat.13:52) It will stand a thousand readings, & he who has gone over it most frequently is the surest of finding new wonders there. Each time we delve into the Word we bring forth priceless truths by the handful!

   But these pearls of knowledge mean nothing without the Spirit! No matter how much you study, it takes the Spirit of God & the hand of God to string the pearls of His Word together in proper order, sorted out & made into something useful.–A wonderful beautiful string of truths to adorn our minds & hearts.–In proper order, sequence, size, importance & beauty! That’s the difference between knowledge & wisdom. Wisdom is how to use what you already know! It’s how to use the knowledge of God’s Word to make it useful.

    So don’t neglect the beauties, the riches & the treasures of the Word of God, but whatever you get, ask God for WISDOM! “With all thy getting, get wisdom.” It’s better than gold! (Pro.4:7; 16:16)