May 14

“He hath filled the hungry soul with good things, but the rich he hath sent empty away!” (Lk.1:53)

        Jesus found & loved the little lost sheep, the hungry ones, the sinners who knew they needed help & were thankful for it!–Not the self-righteous ones who “had no need of a physician”! (Mat.9:12) There is not much hope for those who are satisfied with their lives the way they are!

        The hardest person in the World to win to the Lord is the moral man who thinks he is good enough & he doesn’t need God. Sometimes the most guilty people in the World are the most utterly deceived & actually think they are innocent! They’re “glad they’re not like the sinner”, when actually they’re worse! (Lk.18:11)

        But there are others who really do want to know the Good News & want to hear & have hungry hearts, & when you give them the Truth they will receive it, believe it, accept it & follow Jesus! If they are willing to admit & simply confess that they need help, God will have an opportunity to do the miracles they need! For those who are seeking, hungry, unhappy & yearning for the spiritual, He has this promise: “Blessed are they which do hunger & thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled!” (Mat.5:6)