May 13

Always remember,  everyone is hungry for praise & starving for honest appreciation!

     Everybody needs encouragement! Most people feel a certain amount of inferiority complex & tend to get a little discouraged with themselves, so encouragement is a very important thing! We all need the encouragement of others, & yet most of us fail all too often to express appreciation or comfort to those about us! As we will account for every idle word (Mat.12:36,37), so we will for every idle silence!

  The Lord knows that encouragement is very important. He appreciates us & commends us, & He promises to reward us for our good work. It has nothing to do with our Salvation, we get Salvation as a free gift by His mercy & grace & love, but it’s our service & good works for Him that He especially commends! He really appreciates our service & our sacrifice & the things we do for Him beyond the call of duty!

     “Whatsoever things are good, if there be any virtue & if there be any praise, think on these things!” (Phi.4:8)–We need to apply that to those around us, & try to remind ourselves constantly to think on & praise them for their good qualities, as the Lord does with us!–Amen?