DAILY 365 

May 12

It’s wise to wait.

          You’re never going to accomplish much for the Lord if you try to do everything in the energy of the flesh & all yourself instead of sitting down & saying, “Now, God, what do YOU want me to do?” One of the main problems most of us have is jumping to conclusions & making sudden hasty decisions without WAITING on the LORD. So don’t go rushing around in your own strength, in your own impatience, & forget to pray! Seek the Lord! Don’t just jump to conclusions & think, “Well, it’s obvious that we’re supposed to do this.” Ask the LORD & make SURE.

       And remember, God is hardly ever in a hurry! The greatest works of God take TIME. It takes God time to grow a flower or even to paint a sunset. So when you do not know for sure, & have not yet made certain that a thing is God’s will, then the best thing to do is to WAIT on the Lord until He reveals it to you one way or the other.

       “Wait on the Lord & be of good courage, & He shall strengthen thine heart! For they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”–instead of wearing out! “They shall mount up with wings as eagles. For they that believe have entered into rest.” (Psa.27:14; Isa.40:31; Heb.4:3)