DAILY 365 

April 27

With determination & the Lord’s help, you CAN overcome your natural weaknesses!

       Your personality is influenced by your ancestors & your environment, but it is largely up to you whether or not you emphasise your positive traits & try to overcome your negative ones.

       We are new creatures in Jesus and it is our born again nature to be like His divine nature. But we will always have the majesty of free choice so we can still choose to be weak and selfish if we want to, or strong and Godly.  

       A great deal is up to you, what you do with what you have & which way you want to go.–To go in the strong direction upstream, or to just drift with the tide. The choice is yours, but having made the right choice to really want to be strong & kind & Godly, then the Lord can step in & help you be that way! Together you can overcome your environment & your heredity & that weak side of your nature. (Phil 4:13)

       He can overrule it all because He made you a new creature in Christ Jesus, with old things passed away & all things became new! (2Cor.5:17)







      很多事情取决于你想做什么,你想要去哪个方式。你可以像他一样,或者你可以变得虚弱和自私,上帝给你决定,你决定走哪条路 – 你可以尝试去上游,你可以跟随人群。 通过你的选择,如果你做出正确的选择,真的要变得坚强,善良,纯洁,那么主会干预来帮助你成功! 上帝将能够克服你的环境,你的遗产和自然的弱点! (腓立比书4:13)


 Daily 365: April 28 每日365: 四月二十八日