April 26

Why did the Devil & man cook up the ridiculous, idiotic scheme of Evolution?–To try to get rid of God!

       What did the Devil know he had to do to prevent people from believing in Christ? He knew he had to destroy their belief in the Book of Genesis, the story of Creation!–And Charles Darwin was the Devil’s tool who finally gave the World the excuse it was looking for to not believe in God!

        People automatically think of evolution when they hear mention of God, because that’s the whole purpose of evolution: To eliminate faith in God & to foster the false doctrine of devils that the Creation created itself, so there doesn’t need to be a God.–It could have happened without Him!

        Evolution is really a religion of unbelief in God.–And it is a religion which has to be believed by FAITH, because as far as any PROOFS of evolution are concerned, even Margaret Meade, the famous anthropologist admitted, “We as honest scientists must confess that science has yet to discover one single IOTA (tiny speck) of concrete evidence to prove it!”

        Evolution!–That’s the Devil’s greatest lie & most clever piece of teaching, because if he can get people to doubt one word in the Bible, they’ll soon doubt the whole Bible! (Luke 16:31) Don’t let it happen to YOU! (1Tim.6:20)









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