April 20

Everybody is somebody’s fool!–“We’re fools for Christ’s sake!” (1Cor.4:10)–Whose fool are you?

     Some people just don’t seem to understand the miracle of conversion & the idealistic desire to devote one’s entire life to God’s service. “For the natural man receiveth NOT the things of the SPIRIT, for they are FOOLISHNESS unto him!” (1Cor.2:14)–Many have been thought to have suddenly gone mad, like the Apostle Paul, or been “driven crazy by religion”, because there was such a sudden change in their lives. (See Acts 26:24; Mk.3:21; Jn.10:20.)

     In fact, nearly all the prophets & men of God throughout the Bible & past ages were thought to have been NUTS by the rest of the World: Dreamers, visionaries, hearing voices, having hallucinations, & pretty well flipped-out over religion. It all depends on WHO is calling WHO mad! If people think WE’RE a little eccentric, or OFF-center, it’s not because WE’RE off the center–it’s because THEY’RE wobbling around themselves, away off the one & only TRUE Center, JESUS CHRIST! Man without God is off center, insane.–THEY’RE the ones who are not in their right minds, because they can’t possibly know what’s right without JESUS!







Daily 365: April 21 每日365: 四月二十一日