April 19

“He shall rule the nations with a rod of iron!” (Rev.19:15)

     God is Love, & today He’s showing His Love to the World–His patience, His mercy, His longsuffering, His forgiveness! He’s showing Love to the World to try to get them to Love Him!

     But the day is coming when, if all else fails & they reject His Love, He will rule them with a rod of IRON & of FORCE!–Not because His Love failed, but because the wicked of this World failed to receive His Love. It is THEY who cause the failure, their OWN failure!

     The coming thousand-year reign of Christ on the Earth will be a period of forcing such people to obey-whether they like it or not! There will still be free will & there will still be choice, but God will not let rebellious Man have his wicked way! Since they failed to appreciate His Love & to obey Him in love VOLUNTARILY, He is going to rule the World with a rod of iron, of force, & they are going to be COMPELLED to serve & worship & obey Him whether they like it or not!–By force!

     He’s trying to love you into His Kingdom today. So accept His rule & reign in your heart now by your own free & loving choice!









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