April 11

Never underestimate the Power of God’s Word!

     The Word is mightier than the sword! “Heaven & Earth shall pass away, but God’s Word shall NEVER pass away!” (Mat.24:35)–So use the Word & spread His Truth & His Love through every means at your command to share God’s light, hope, life, Love, peace & plenty with others!

     There’s power in the Word of God–so USE the Word!–For only the Sword of God’s Word is sharp enough to pierce the hard shell of defensiveness that many put up, so that the warmth of His Spirit of Love can flow into their hearts that hunger for it.

     When you quote the Word, you know you’re right! When you preach Jesus, you know you’re right! You don’t even have to worry about whether they’re accepting it or not.–It’s the TRUTH, whether they receive it or not! When you’re giving others the Word, sharing the Scripture, preaching the Word, you’re getting out something that cannot fail. Not one Word shall fall to the ground, wasted! The Lord has promised that His Word will ACCOMPLISH the purpose He sent it to! (Isaiah 55:10,11) So wield the “Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God” as you share the Lord’s Love with others! (Eph.6:17)–And it will live in their hearts FOREVER!








Daily 365: April 12 每日365: 四月十二日