April 8

We all need to learn to communicate more & be more honest with one another & more open about ourselves!

    When you’re having a trial or a problem, you should never complain or spread your doubts & murmurs about it.–But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for counsel or prayer about your problem!

    Some people keep things in & suffer through their whole trial without asking for help or PRAYER. Well, you can admire them for that, for being able to take it.–But wouldn’t it be better if they would just honestly CONFESS that they need help & prayer? Suffering in silence just makes EVERYBODY miserable. Spilling it all out prevents a lot of misunderstandings & it gets you some prayer, at least, & some sympathy–everything you like to have when you’re going through a trial! (Jam.5:16)

    Many times it really helps to talk about your problem, but of course you should preferably find someone who is spiritually STRONG, because you don’t want to stumble others or bring them down or discourage them in any way!

    We all need the encouragement of others, & you can at least ask for prayer, which in itself does a lot of good! “One can chase a thousand but two can put ten thousand to flight!” (Deu.32:30) Amen?









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