By Jesus, speaking in prophecy

Come to me, all you that labour, and are burdened, and I will refresh you. Mat 11:28

When you have learned to lean on Me, nothing is too difficult for you.

If you learn to lean on My strength and let Me carry the weights of your work, or your pressing needs, or your concerns about your children, or your finances, or whatever it is that’s making you feel stressed, then I will lift the burden from you and relieve the pressure.

When you’re faced with doing something that you know is going to be very hard, you have to trust that I will also give you the strength and the anointing to do it. And you get the strength and anointing by looking to Me, by spending time with Me, seeking My face. The pressure valve is released when you come to Me.

I know it’s not easy to discipline yourself to get quiet, to calm your spirit and bring it into subjection to My Spirit so that you can absorb My strength and My peace, especially in the middle of a hectic job.

You have to train yourself to lean on Me for your strength. Without My strength, you can go from one work push to another project to another major upheaval of some kind in your life and always feel stressed out about something. Nothing seems doable, in spite of My promises and My ability to help you. You do things and go places, but without a sense of peace and calm that comes from resting in Me. Your to-do list will always weigh too heavily on you when you’re not leaning on Me.

But I can promise you that if you will train yourself to rest in Me—and that means taking regular quiet time with Me, soaking in My Spirit, leaving the burdens at My feet, and using the spiritual tools that I’ve given you such as prayer, praise, etc.—then you will be able to do all the things that you’re facing with a much calmer, more trusting spirit, and you’ll be happier.

You have to trust that when I ask you to do things that are difficult for you, that I provide all the ability you need to get the job done. Put Me and the spiritual tools I’ve given you to the test. The next time you’re faced with something difficult to do, put Me and the power of prayer to the test. Instead of plowing forward in your own strength, take the time to do some of the things that I’ve recommended. Make a prayer list and commit the specifics to Me. Stick a promise on your bathroom mirror and claim it every time you see it.

Before you even get out of bed and read your email or get into work or get involved in projects or problems, talk to Me and tell Me that you need Me. Call on My help and anointing for that day. Connect with Me. Take a break in your workday and listen to faith-building songs. Take breaks to tell Me you love Me, that you honor Me, and that you know I have everything under control. Praise Me. Hear from Me in prophecy and receive My specific counsel to you.

Lean on Me. Look for ways to bring more of My Spirit into your day. Although you have to work and get things done, you more importantly have to find what will work for you to help you bathe your work more in My Spirit. When you review one of My promises and claim it for your work, that’s leaning on Me. When you commit something to prayer and ask for My help, that’s leaning on Me. When you ask Me to speak to you in prophecy and direct your priorities, that’s leaning on Me.

As you call on My power and lean on Me as much as you can in every way you possibly can, you will see a difference in your level of peace and faith and calm. You’ll still have to do difficult things, but you will have more faith and strength, and less stress and pressure if you surround everything you do with more of My Spirit and learn to let Me do more of the heavy lifting for you.

[P.S. from Blog Team: When we pray in tongues using the power of the Holy Spirit, that’s our most favorite, fun way of effortlessly leaning on Him.]